The Power Of Simple


Kitchens are more than pieces of furniture.
They become the stage upon which life’s dramas, experiences and memories play out.
They become part of the home, and part of the family.

Magnet’s new campaign is told through the voice of the kitchen. By following a family as the daughter grows from a baby into an adult, and a canine friend is welcomed into the home, the commercial demonstrates how Magnet kitchens are ready for whatever family life throws at them

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Magnet - Part of the Family

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Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker

Despite the success of baking TV programmes, the number of baking occasions in the UK has actually been declining over the last couple of years. As the UKs leading baking brand, Dr. Oetker had to do something about this.

We therefore invented the Talking Cakes – a series of characters created in order to use Dr. Oetker products to encourage the nation to get up and bake.We entered into a joint sponsorship deal with the Great British Bake Off on C4, and leveraged the playful personality of the cakes to create memorable and distinctive idents.

The campaign was further leveraged through social media, where our Talking Cakes could take their enthusiasm for baking further and direct people to the We Bake website for more baking inspiration.

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The Baker Boys – Get the Perfect Rise

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John West

John West

At a time when sustainability of fishing stocks is growing ever more important, John West wanted to show that they were taking the lead as one of the world’s largest tuna providers. We advised them to put the tracking code that’s printed on every can at the centre of a new marketing campaign. This code allows the consumer to trace the fish in their cans right back to the trawler that caught it. The campaign ran on TV, radio and digital and not only shot John West to the top of the Greenpeace sustainability rankings, it transformed their business success by achieving incremental sales of £17m which equates to an ROI of 9:1.

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John West

Discover the Story of the Can.

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The Power of Simple

In our fast-paced world, catching someone’s attention is hard. That’s why brands can’t afford to over complicate their message – it just gets lost in all the noise. With simplicity at our heart, we don’t stop until we find the clear, engaging and distinct truth that sets a brand apart. Only then will consumers know what a brand stands for and why it’s relevant to them. We’ve transformed the fortunes of some of the UK’s leading brands by uncovering simple, powerful messages and communicating them persuasively whatever the channel.

Brand Strategy

This is our starting point for all our new clients. We use our Brand DNA tool in order to map the brand strategy on a single chart.  Once the DNA is cracked we develop strikingly simple ideas and spread them across the right channels in order to make them famous.


We started as an advertising agency 20 years ago and our work today shows that we still know how to grab the public’s attention. There has never been a time when mastery of the simple but engaging message has been more important than the 21st century when cut-through content is so valuable.


We have a team of specialists who are passionate about Graphic Design.  Their work – covering packaging, literature, corporate identity, posters and digital – is based on a core thought and is brought to life through their craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Our design and development team produces mobile responsive websites for some of the country’s leading brands such as Magnet Kitchens and Baxters. Our digital marketing services include SEO, PPC, display advertising and content production for brands such as John West, Magnet and Dreams.


We have a highly experienced CRM function that works hand in hand with our Account Management, Planning, Digital and Creative teams. We deliver completely integrated marketing campaigns and as such we work very closely with media partners and frequently drive the media planning strategy.

Shopper Marketing

From POS to loyalty programmes, unique distribution-building initiatives to in-store consumer promotion, our Shopper Marketing specialists thrive on the buzz of retail. Our unique Retail Connect division has a dedicated in-house telemarketing resource for sales driving, relationship-building and research.

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We’re experts in amplifying strikingly simple ideas and transforming them into shareable content across relevant channels. Whether it’s a Facebook app, infographic, micro video, PR, social media campaign, YouTube film or gamification. We’ll provide great content around your brand to get you noticed across all channels.


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