The Day After Valentine’s Day

This year, for Valentine’s Day, we saw an opportunity to do something ground-breaking with Dreams. While other bed brands fought for attention on February 14th, we recognised the next day as the moment when people might be needing a new bed… those lucky enough anyway…!

This cheeky ad ran in the Sunday National Press on February 15th, as well as across Dreams’ social channels.

Twitter: The tweets have been seen 184,039 times, retweeted 989 times and favourited 843 times.
Facebook: The post was seen by 450,048 people and engaged with a staggering 20,357 times.

In total, our social media activity has been seen 634,087 times. In terms of budget, for every £1 spent our posts were seen at least 1050 times! What’s more, during the week of the post, Dreams’ Facebook page was the best performing page of all of its competitors with the highest Reach, most new Page Likes and highest Engagement Rates.